Thursday, August 12, 1999

Tereza and Tomas

We're finally free from their torment. We're sailing away from that land, finally.

Maybe I'm mistaken...perhaps due to all the trauma I've suffered throughout this recent skirmish. Maybe we're just going to sink. I have no clue, but this seems promising.

I look out upon the harbor, and I am reminded of a day long ago, when I tried to sail away from my troubles. I had the boat ready and everything...I should have known though. I was alone could I ever maintain a ship all by myself like that?

Arienette, I love you. Without you, I am incomplete. Without you, I feel...less put together. I feel as if there's nothing there guiding me out into the future...nothing stringing me along....

It wasn't hard to get here after escaping the City. I just spied the beach, saw Arienette and the boat, and boarded it. We're not the only ones on this boat; it's maintained by Runners. They're trying to escape too. 

The colors in the sky are mixing together to form the most perfect swirl of colors. The ocean sky bears down upon us, reminding us that while the blue ocean we sail on is beautiful, there's always a grander place above us; a place that we'll never reach, no matter the method, whether it's feathers or rockets.

Feathers burn in the sun's heat, and the rockets roar past the floating seas.

She's the only one that's mine now. She'll be fine, and I will be. We're not afraid of where we're going.

One day, the Key inside of me will probably be ripped out, but that day is not today.

We're starting anew. All the sadness is being left on the shores of California.

Maybe I've finally broken out of this cage.

Let's sail away past the noise of the bay
Let's sail away past the birth and death of the day
Let's sail away to where the blues and greens swirl into gray
Let's sail away

Let's sail away past the cradle of these waves
Let's sail away past the tide and it's slow decay
Let's sail away to where the water goes, some endless open space
Let's sail away

Take only what you need, my love, and leave the rest behind

Don't be afraid of where we'll go, my love
I promise you will be fine
Now you are the only one that's mine

Let's sail away past the reflections of the light
Let's sail away floating weightless through the night
Let's sail away like a photograph, fading to all white
It's finally all right

Forget all the mistakes my love
They won't be made again
Leave the photos in the drawer, my love
We no longer need them
We both know where we've been

Let's sail away disappearing in a mist
Let's sail away with a whisper and a kiss
Or vanish from a road somewhere, like Tereza and Tomas

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